APJ-Motorsports Group

APJ Adrenaline Production Japan is a motorsport related company, which is operating in various business fields of motorsports.



An independently working motorsports press and media company. We cover every important motorsport event in Japan as well as interesting motorsport events in Asia and all over the world. Furthermore, APJ tests and reviews the most exciting cars for you.  You will also find interviews with drivers, teams… and much, much more.



A management company, which has some of the best teams and drivers from Japan and other countries under contract. We provide cockpits to drivers, drivers to teams, as well as sponsors for drivers and teams. We manage all important contacts with all parties involved.

Important Information for Teams and Drivers competing in Japan

Insurance for drivers and teams

We would like to draw attention to the following facts:

Many of the foreign entrants don’t know the insurance regulation in Japan, they may buy insurance in Hong Kong or Singapore that violate Japanese law.

The risks in Japan must be covered by a Japanese insurer, even if the risk is also from a foreign country. Japanese Financial Services Agency (Government) recently paid attention regarding this.

We are able to provide all necessary insurances by our partner. Please contact us by:


APJ-Adrenaline Productions Japan

A movie production company which produces car and motorsport related clips and movies.

Our productions are all at the highest standards, made in 4K quality. We produce for TV companies as well as on demand for commercials and other projects.


APJ-Racing Cars

Is a trading company, which has FIA approved racing cars, parts and racing equipment on sale.

To avoid any misunderstanding, APJ Racing Cars does not deal with tuned production cars but only with professional racing cars and the necessary equipment.



A design company which designs racing driver and racing team logos, helmet designs, race suit designs, team wear and full race car designs. Please see our sample work on our website.


Company Information

Name:                  APJ Adrenaline Productions Japan
CEO:                     O. Fukushima
Shareholders:     O. Fukushima
Address:               6-821-2 Nishihatsuishi Nagareyama-shi Chiba 270-0121 Japan


To contact us, please see our contact page on this website