Column 2018 January 8

We are a little more than one month away to start the pre-season tests of Formula 1. While Fernando Alonso has fun in Roar before, the pre-24 Daytona test, preparing for the legendary race at the Super Speedway Daytona on January 27. The two-time world champion will drive the Ligier JS P217 of the United Autosports team owned by Zak Brown, with drivers Lando Norris and Phil Hanson. At the moment, it is not the favorite team to win the legendary race. The driver chosen for the classification was Fernando Alonso who got the twelfth position with a time of 1: 37.515. We remember that this classification only serves to distribute the boxes in the race, the classification that determines the race will take place on January 25. However, the Spanish driver maintains the objective of fighting for victory. Alonso also revealed that this year he would like to participate in Le Mans and his desire to test again at the Indianapolis 500 in 2019. Although he assured that his priority is Formula 1 and a third world championship in this category.

While Alonso is having fun, the Williams team is running out of time to choose a teammate for Lance Stroll. Since a few weeks ago everyone believed that Sergey Sirotkin is the driver chosen. The economic contribution of the Russian driver would have surpassed the sponsors and the media support of Robert Kubica. If we also add the doubts about the physical limitations of the Polish driver, Sirotkin became the first option. But time passes and the official announcement does not arrive, it should be in mid-December, then at the beginning of the year and now the end of January becomes the deadline. Some suggest that none of the drivers have the required amount of money and that Williams could take money from both drivers and split the season between the two. But these are just rumors, will have to continue waiting for the official announcement of the Williams team and thus close the grid for the 2018 season of Formula 1.