Column 2018 January 1

Four years have passed since Michael Schumacher’s terrible skiing accident. The German driver won seven world championships in Formula 1, he is the driver with the most championships in the history of Formula 1. For this reason when the date of his terrible accident is close we can not forget him. His condition remains a mystery, Schumacher entered the University Hospital Center of Grenoble on December 29, 2013 with severe head trauma. In June 2014 he left the induced coma and was transferred to the University Hospital of Vaud, but in a few months he settled permanently in his mansion in Gland. Since then there has been little news from Schumacher, his family and his surroundings say nothing about his state of health. His representative Sabine Kehm is responsible for denying all the rumors that are heard about the German driver.

Michael Schumacher shared his experience in Formula 1 with his brother Ralf Schumacher. The brothers were for many years rivals, although Ralf Schumacher did not achieve as many achievements as his older brother Michael, but he did get six victories and 27 podiums. Now is the time for their children. Mick Schumacher son of Michael Schumacher competes in Formula 3 with the goal of reaching the top category and follow in his father’s footsteps. To go unnoticed during his time in Karting, he used his mother’s maiden name, Betsch. Luca Baldiserri who was an engineer at Ferrari coinciding with Michael Schumacher, now helps his son. Although he can not avoid making comparisons between father and son, for Baldiserri they both look very much alike. Perhaps soon we will see him compete against his cousin David Schumacher, son of Ralf Schumacher. Like his cousin, he used his mother’s maiden name to go unnoticed. David Schumacher will debut in the German Formula 4 in the 2018 season. Hopefully one day we can see them compete in Formula 1 like their parents did.