Column 2018 January 15

Daniil Kvyat will continue in Formula 1 next season. After losing his position as official driver in the Toro Rosso team, the Russian driver will work as a development driver for Ferrari. Maybe it’s not the position he wanted to occupy but it’s better than nothing. Kvyat has had a bad time, after moving from Red Bull to Toro Rosso in 2016 so that Max Verstappen could take his place and this year he was left out of the team due to his poor results before the end of the season. The Russian driver failed to overtake Carlos Sainz and failed to overcome Brendon Hartley or Pierre Gasly, when the Spanish driver went to the Renault team. Now he has a new opportunity to demonstrate his skill with the wheel and maybe one day he can become an official driver again.

Despite missing an official statement, all rumors say that Sergey Sirotkin will be the new teammate of Lance Stroll in the Williams team. It seems that Russian money and doubts about the injuries of Robert Kubica in his right hand and arm, have made the Grove team chose the Russian driver. However, many rumors suggest that Williams has offered the position of test driver to the Polish driver. This would be the only option for Kubica to be next season in Formula 1. Although this is not the way in which the fans wanted to see him return, perhaps it is the only alternative for the Polish driver to return. If all the rumors are true, Williams would have Sirotkin and Stroll as their official drivers, as well as the Polish driver as a tester. With Kubica occupying this position, the Grove team would ensure an experienced driver for the development of the car and compensate the inexperience of his official drivers.