The Brazilian Grand Prix

We arrived at the penultimate race of the World Championship, the Brazilian Grand Prix. With the constructors ‘world championship and the world drivers’ championship already decided. It only remains to know which pilot will be the runner-up. Sebastian Vettel with Ferrari or Valtteri Bottas with Mercedes, are the two drivers fighting for second place in the championship. Vettel has more points than Bottas, but the Finnish driver had the advantage of being in the first position. But despite coming out in the first position the victory went to Vettel, Bottas lost the first place in the first corner. Bottas could not count on the help of his teammate Lewis Hamilton who was forced to start from the pit lane after suffering an accident in the first round of the qualifying session, in turn six of the circuit José Carlos Pace, the four-time champion missed the braking point and crashed into the protection wall of the circuit. The British driver took full responsibility for the accident, a hard blow because he was the favorite to get the pole. Thanks to that failure of the pilot we could see an incredible comeback.

While the battle between Toro Rosso and Renault begins. Perhaps being a direct rival to your engine supplier is not the best situation. So, both teams have started a battle of statements. Toro Rosso has suffered numerous problems in his cars, more than at the beginning of the season. The situation did not improve when Abiteboul, head of Renault, made a statement where he suggested to the press that the engine problems suffered by Toro Rosso were due to the way they mounted the engines. The Faenza team soon released a statement clarifying that all of MGU-H’s problems were not theirs. He also hinted that the problems they suffered might not be a coincidence. Renault are not happy with the statements, in fact it is rumored that he could break his contract with Toro Rosso for the last race of the season. Although the next season begins its agreement with Honda, Red Bull, the older brother of Toro Rosso has intervened, he has made some statements softening the situation alluding to the good treatment that Renault has always given them.