The Mexican Grand Prix

It was time for the Mexican Grand Prix. The first of the last three races of the season. Lewis Hamilton’s first chance to win the world drivers’ championship. The Mercedes driver had his first chance, he would only have to finish in the top five. But Vettel was not willing to make it easy, despite the few options of the German to be able to win the world championship of drivers. The Ferrari driver gave it all in the qualifying session on Saturday, getting pole. Hamilton did not make a good lap. The one who was a surprise was Verstappen, the driver of Red Bull was very close to obtaining the pole. But not so lucky was his teammate Ricciardo, who managed to be seventh. However, he had to change the engine for the race, this way he had to start as seventeenth, since he was penalized.

The start of the race was not exactly what they expected at Mercedes, nor at Ferrari. At the start, Verstappen took the first position, Hamilton and Vettel touched each other and fellt to the end of the grid. So, both had to start a comeback. Vettel was able to reach the fourth position, Hamilton to end on ninth position. Vettel had to stay first or second to maintain his options, so Lewis Hamilton was getting his fourth driver’s world title.

While at Mclaren Honda again suffer with the penalties. Both cars were forced to start from the end of the grid due to the penalties. Something that frustrated the drivers a lot, especially because the car seemed to go well on the circuit of the Rodriguez Brothers. Hopeful they colected data for next season. Fernando managed to climb up to tenth position, while Vandoorne was out of the points in the twelfth position. But if there was a team that had a bad time at the Mexican Grand Prix, it was the Haas team. Surprisingly, none of their cars managed to move into the second round of the qualifying session, leaving behind the Sauber team. At least Magnussen managed to score in the eighth position.

And Toro Rosso with their new drivers? Hartley who try to adapt to the car, did not manage to finish the race when his engine goes up in fire, while his companion Gasly is chased by bad luck. After losing the championship of the Super Formula by half point, after suspending the last event of the championship. During free practice one Gasly could not make any lap on the circuit, as Sean Gelael drove his car. In free practice two he could only drive a few laps after a problem in the turbo and in the third session of free practice he stoped in his second lap. This was the for him missing the qualifying session. In addition to already given fifteen penalty positions, after not disputing the classification, Gaslyhad to start from the last position of the grid. Finally, he managed to reach the thirteenth position.